Emergency Services

EMERGENCY LEAK REPAIR  – Call (909) 350-8490

“It Takes a Smart Man to Buy an Umbrella When the Sun is Shining”

They say it never rains in southern California. Unfortunately that’s not always the case. When the need arises and property is being damaged by sudden roof leaks, you need a roofing company that can respond with a knowledgeable and competent crew. If you are a client of Rite-way Roof you can count on that crew.

The reality is that most roof leaks start out small and progressively get worse over time. Because we do not experience a lot of rain every year these leaks are sometimes ignored, after all “it only leaks when it’s raining”. The truth is the ABSOLUTE BEST TIME TO REPAIR A ROOF IS WHEN THE ROOF IS DRY.

With that said, most emergency leak repairs are temporary to help protect property and keep tenants dry until proper repairs can be made. Our emergency leak service is based on time and material. During rainstorms we receive many calls and we promise to make every effort to respond, but WE PUT OUR REGULAR CLIENTS AT THE TOP OF THE LIST.